Friday, December 4, 2015

sunny and 42 degrees

Hey kiddos! welcome to yet another blog post by the one and only ashole yaaaay! Today's blog post is going to be on what to wear when it's cold outside but not the cold where you need to bundle up completely this is southern Utah we're talking about here so you can still kinda get away with not wearing 193926 layers and for those who don't live in southern Utah don't you little icicles worry, you can wear outfits like this too you just can't go outside lololol. 

if you love dresses like the boyfriend you wish you had (which by the way, I don't wish I had a boyfriend I just thought that sounded funny.) and aren't willing to pack them up this winter then don't!!! like just slap on some tights and you're good! More than likely you'll be cold but it's worth it sometimes, right? You can just put two jackets on over like this guurl did. I like to always try and wear things that no one else has seen or warn so wearing a jean jacket as a shirt and a lovely long coat over (which I absolutely love with all of my heart!!!!)  is what I came up with. 

just another awkward trying not to laugh from sissy being weird behind the camera technically phone because my face gets chubby pic. sorry if that made no sense I read it over and made sense to me so 

wearing a dress over some tights is something a lot of women can rock and dudes too if that's what makes you happy then you flipping do what makes you happy but you can also pare it with whatever is most fitting towards your own style and comfort level. Fashion blogs are always weird and I feel like they sometimes try to tell you what to wear but I always encourage others to wear what you love and what you feel prettiest in and that's alllllllllll that matters. 

That is basically all for this specific look so i'll stop adding more pics of myself I'm sorry hashtag i'm not obsessed with myself I promise. 

so obviously I have to show another outfit I whipped up that isn't very realistic to wear during this chilly season but whatevessss still gonna show you :') 
Wow mostly black how unoriginal ash geez jkjkjk we all know that I'm still goth so just let me wear all the black I friggin want, k? 

so, I wore some baggy jeans that I just so happened to rip myself hehehiknowimawesomehehe that I got from... GUESS?? ya you guessed it, the DI!!!!! I'm also wearing a dress that is way too flipping short to wear as an actual dress because my dyer sucks and hates my happiness and a yummy sweater from TJmaxx (everyone go shop there;)) and a tan/ khaki jacket and some cute lil heel booty things that I got at Forever Young shoes in your local mall (no shame) 

details am I right

The sun was going down way too quickly because you kinda need it to be light outside to take pictures but it was just so pretty I couldn't really complain. 

also this is Leeds everybody please don't h8 on my lovely town just because it's small. ya bunch of h8ers gosh

okay y'all I'm gonna let you go now sorry I know I know you were enjoying it... Mom, and uhh maybe aunt Heidi? and well I read my blog of course so thanks Ash ;') 
lol jk but for real though.
Thanks for reading this and even if you didn't thanks anyway for being alive and amazing. I hope you all have an amazing rest of your week and to stay safe during this crazy time of year. I'll try and blog some more outfits before this year ends because it's over before we know it.
lots of air hugs and kisses through my blog through your screen to you.
yours truly,

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