Friday, October 18, 2019

Sweater weather

First fall look on the blog this year wahoooo! 

Fall calls for our favorite sweaters that make us want to scream I love pumpkin spice and leafs falling off trees am I right ladies?? This is one of my fav sweaters and how I styled it before the weather gets too cold ;)

Get the look:

SweaterToplipstick bagnail polish , shoes are thrifted, skirt is thrifted. 

Fun fact I wore these earrings on my wedding day so I can't find them online anywhere but there's a similar pair here.

I showed a different way to wear this sweater which isn't that different lol but I just buttoned it and wore it as a top and put on red lipstick. You can get that lipstick here.

Thanks for the pics little sis! Follow her insta, here! Another fun fact. The day after she took these pics of me she got ran over by a truck at work and lived. 

Hey thanks for stopping by! 


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