Thursday, March 7, 2019

what I wear on a sunny winter day

What I wear on a sunny winter day

Hey guys! I thought I'd show you what I wear during this winter into spring transition. I live in the desert, bordering southern Utah and northern Arizona so we see a couple really nice days in February and March before spring hits! So as long as you stay in the direct sunlight between 12pm-3pm you can kinda swing wearing a dress! I also thrifted this dress this winter and wanted to wear it already lol anyone else relate? 

You can tell it's winter because of how blindingly pale my skin is!! Not sorry! Also if you look close enough you may see some leg hair because I am true lady like that lol whoops.

Oof give me allllll the shoulder pad dresses, I'll tell you what.

Sometimes you can really score at the thrift store. Sometimes I find a super cute item but it doesn't really fit me right but this dress fit and it was so effing cute! Bless the old lady who donated it! 

The hat I bought at a target. I usually don't do much online shopping so I'm not sure if there are anymore of these hats in the stores, although I doubt it, I bought it a couple months ago. And they don't have the exact one on their website but they do have a similar style here

I got these boots from my hubby for Christmas, they're from ASOS and sold out. But here is a similar pair. Mine are not real doc's tho hehe

My lipstick is linked here in the color infatuation. And this color is super peachy and one of my new faves! inspired me to buy yet another lipstick shade because I need more. 

I also wanted to thank my amazingly talented friend, Jazz, for taking my pics! These pics are the nicest pics I've ever had on my blog for real. She is the cutest girl with the nicest legs and is super good at taking pics so hit her up!! Follow her instagram, 
@tatum_jazz!! She put up with my hairy legs and awkward posing lol

Thanks yall's! Until next time <3

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