Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WINTER BRO wassup wassup


I always feel like I need to apologize for taking so long to post. Posting is honestly is just such a long and sometimes annoying process because I take all the pictures on my phone since I don't have my own camera yet and edited all of the pictures and emailing them and uploading them all when my phone doesn't have enough storage space to do it all can make it more of a burden than a fun hobby to do. BUT, I am trying to get my own camera and if you know where I can get a nice one that's not too expensive hit a girl up ;)  sorry to throw up all over my blog post I just wanted y'all to know why it takes me so long to blog lol my fault I still love it so WE GOOD.

These pictures that you'll see as you scroll down are some of my all time favorites because I had the BEST time taking them. Sissy and I drove to Zion National Park for the day just me and her and it couldn't have been more lovely. Being surrounded by the beauiftul home we have and being able to spend the entire day sipping on tea and eating carrots while making jokes and being weird with my best friend made for a literal perfect day. SO YA LET'S BEGIN I GUESS LOL 

okay every single time I was taking a picture of this lady i'd get so confused and be like,"Jenna Joseph???!!" 

don't mind the fact that only this pic doesn't have a filter hahahaha sorry fam.

so we knew it was going to be cold but we also weren't really planning on doing any hikes so we just wanted to wear something cute and warm. Layers Layers LAYERS people. That's what life is all about heheho. 
Also! I hate trying to explain what i'm wearing because you can obviously just see what we're wearing from the pics lol.
but we do like to wear something that'll add a little more excitement and help our outfits stand out from the norm nowadays like I wore a longer shirt under my other long shirt that actually used to be a dress might I add. Sissy wore a long sleeve cheetah shirt and a fuzzy turtle neck dress. hahaa ya.


Sissy's hands were so freezing, can't imagine why, so naturally she sticks them in a river with snow in site and she turns around and yells, "dude this water is warmer than my hands, you've gotta feel it!!" and I can truthfully say that the water was in fact warmer than our hands. so gloves would probably come in handy in a situation like this so please make sure the next time you go to Zion in the winter you bring gloves so you don't have to stick them in the stream to keep them warm. or ya know don't, It's your life. YOLO. 


But in all seriousness taking a drive through any canyon, national park, mountain wouldn't be a waste of gas. I promise you. It was absolutely BREATHTAKING. so so so pretty gosh dangit!! I'd recommend it, you know what! I challenge it. 11/10. 

Shout out to the super nice lady who offered to take our pics, you rock! 
can we all just take a moment. god bless america. 

so let me add another. 

While we drove home we came across this secret building that sissy and I only know about hehe and we obviously had to take pictures next to it. These pictures are differently styled so I thought splitting them up and not putting them mixed in with the pictures from Zion would make sense. lol because I'm sure you all care that much. (this is me just jibber jabbering) So fest your eyes on these totes grungy pics. 


Totes grunge omg

The window in these two pictures was so creepy! I thought for sure i'd see a face pop up or find something creepy looking through the pics after we took them but unfortunately but mostly fortunately we didn't.  

Okay so this part is always so hard omg I hate goodbyes. jk jk. but for real if anyone would like to see a specific look or has any questions at all you can always ask :') really please ask. 
I'd like to thank my phone for not dying during this fabulous day and for my shitty car for not over heating. I'd also like to thank sissy (shout out to the homie) for making this day so awesome and for always going on adventures with me. love you bro. 

Ya ya ya i'll miss you all blah blah blahhh until next time and thank you all for reading or looking and for breathing. love all you homies and all da haters. haha. okay ya BYE. 

ash hole<3

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