Thursday, June 30, 2016

causal vs. dressy ayyye

Oh my gosh hello!!!!!

Welcome back to my blog all you blog readers aka followers of my Instagram and Facebook hahaha. I know I say this every time I post but I really am gonna blog more because I love sharing my style and passion ya know?  
so let's go ahead and just jump right into it because the pics are what matters and what everyone really looks at, right? ;) 

 So basically this will be on how you can turn  really causal into something slightly dressy.I am wearing the same skirt in both of these looks i'll be sharing. I got it at TJmaxx (what a surprise?!?). When I go clothes shopping, which is way too often when you work in a clothing store lol, I like to buy things that are 1: cheap and 2: really wearable. Something you can wear a lot of times because it goes with multiple things. So if you want to be able to wear the same skirt like a champ and wear it lots a lots a times then buy something kinda neutral or keep an open mind while shopping and think, "what does this go with that's already in 
my closet?"

I made this look more causal over dressy buy tying a sweater around my waist and putting on some high top converse.

 I also wanted a little more color along with the purple and blue in this outfit so I popped on some bright red/orange lipstick. Putting on a bright color of lipstick or just any color that you really like to your look makes it that much more fun and can tie the entire look together that much more. 

And frick yes that's all for look numba one. So now i'll show you how to turn this into something a little dressy, not super dressy but not this causal ya feel? bare with me guys I'm not a famous blogger yet.

As you have probably figure out yourself I changed my shirt and shoes. Hooray! now let me be a blogger and go into detail. This shirt is a floral design that I picked up at the DI I believe. As for the shoes I think I ordered online. The shoes have a little bit of a heel and the shirt is a little more on the fancy side so I thought it would be an appropriate dressy attire. and of course I had to pare some socks with this outfit otherwise it would have been too boring for my taste *silly face emoji*. I also kept that same bright red lipstick on to add just a touch of color that wasn't already seen in this look. bla bla bla lots of boring words I know.

Obviously I'd wear an outfit like this under a freeway bridge because I hangout under a freeway bridge.  

Most of you are probably noticing my pale skin over the outfits. lol please don't pick on me okay I work during the day and the days I can catch some sun the sun decides to hide from me or to just not make my skin tan? I don't know how you tan hotties do it like it's your job I'm jealous.
But anyways that's a rap for this blog. Until next time all you lovely humans and I freaking thank you so much for looking at my blog it means a whole freaking lot to me. 
I also want to shout out my little sister Katie mae for snapping these slaying pics of me what my piece of shiz 
android phone.

Here's some pics of her slaying as well. She gets all my hand me downs or just clothes I never wear so what a lucky girl, right? ;)

Okay peace out homies keep reading my blog and being happy and have a good day!!!!!!!!!

<3 <3 <3 

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