Thursday, September 26, 2019



Hey Yall! Here's a blog post on this OOTD look for yaaa. I was meaning to post this look a long time ago and it's like fall now or whatever so I need to hurry and post it before it actually gets cold and this post won't make any sense lol.

Unfortunately I don't have any links for this look because I literally got everything second hand. So what can you do, ya know? But this is just an OOTD blog post. These are my favorite colors to wear right now and I love these shoes so much. This is a perfect outfit for this time of  year since it's still warm out but everyones getting excited to whip out the long sleeves and layers. 

Thanks so my amazing friend who took these photos, shout out to Jaz! She rocks with the camera and I love these pics!! Follow her insta!!!  

I also wanted to take the time and vent a little because it's my blog and I can do what I want and this is suuuper important. 

The past couple of weeks I have been CONSUMED in social media. Mostly Instagram let's be honest, and I didn't even realize it. It slowly was affecting me in such a negative way to the point where I no longer believed I was good enough.We all do it. Even if it's subconscious. We compare ourselves to the beautiful women we see with the MOST perfect bodies, hair, skin, makeup, relationships, lives. We compare our lives to the lives they show, the trips they go on, the fun they have. We compare our relationships with the ones we see that look so perfect and they are best friends and probably never fight and they have so much fun together at.all.times.

I did this.I compared my life to the ones I saw online. myself to the beautiful insta posts. And it built up. And it SUCKS MAN. It got to the point where I was crying for several days looking at myself in the mirror. I started to believe that I wasn't beautiful or sexy to my husband anymore and get this. It was so unhealthy that I NEEDED his validation in order for me to feel better. His opinion over my own. NO. just no. That is never okay. It's not fair to him to put that much pressure on him and it sucks for me because I am unable to make myself feel better when I am the only one who can. Has anyone else gone through this?? It's never fun. This was our relationship for a looong time in the beginning. I did not have enough self love or confidence to just know that I am enough. I needed him to make me feel good about myself and it took A LOT of hard work and long nights of crying and freaking panic attacks to get to the point where I could honestly say that I love myself and I am enough and strong woman and a B.A.M.F. But then Instagram. Insta-freaking-gram. made me take two steps backwards in the wrong direction after I was so confident in myself. 

So what the heck n bob is the point of me ranting on about all of this? I just want you to know that everyone struggles with this. And it's always always always a good idea to take a break from it all. I deleted my Instagram app for several days and put a lock on my phone so I couldn't re-download it until I was better mentally. Until I was able to step back, realize what's important in life. Know that I am enough. And understand that social media AIN'T FREAKIN REAL HOMIE. Good heavens you don't know what's on the other side of that post. 

You are enough, good heck man, you're enough. You are so freaking beautiful and GUESS WHAT outside beauty ain't all chief. Don't let social media get you down and make you feel less about yourself. If you find yourself getting sad about yourself then just freaking stop scrolling. Go rollerblading. Paint a picture. Pet a dog. Kiss your lover. Lift some weights. Write a song. Blast your fav song. Call your mom. WE'VE GOT THIS GUYS. Self love takes a lot of work and it doesn't stop and this is a true example of that. I stopped reading my badass books and listening to podcasts and stopped believing in me. NEVER AGAIN. 

Anyway y'all thanks for tuning in. I'm sure not everyone will read that but I hope it helps someone. You guys rock. CYAAA. 
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