Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Punk daddy girl lol


Well hello. It's been a little bit! I genuinely hope you're all doing well and are living your dreams and making tons of memorizes and moneys and having a swaggggful time. 

So! Life's weird and i'm honestly just lazy but blogging outfits is still a passion of mine and becoming famous because of it like come on i'll get there so lets get started on this you guys! I'm going to be showing just one outfit in this post but I'll tell you how you can make it more your comfortable style or flipping amp it up like whatever works lol i feel weird. 

Obviously I am blogging this outfit because I think it's really cute and felt super good wearing it. If you don't agree or don't think you would wear something like this that's totally cool! we've all got different styles but I like dressing a little different than your average 19 year old living in St.George Ut and if you like that idea than let me give you all my wisdom from the fashion gods and help you out hahaha what am I saying. 

I'm no model you guys I try my best haha. 

I got a Def Leppard band T at Tjmaxx a long with 98% of my closet.. beside the point lol and I knew this long denim dress was a low spaghetti strap and would probably show a little bit of the logo. So if you have any sweet band T's- which you could get at most target's, online, your local mall- and a lower cut spaghetti strap dress you could totes sport something like this. I also put on some very real (laugh if you understand) glasses to add a little more drama. 

Even though I live in the warmest part of Utah during the winter it still gets chilly here so I wore my very loved (fake) leather jacket. I also got this at Tjmaxx but jackets like this are very common and popular right now so I think if you're looking for one you can find one almost anywhere and I would recommend getting one but you can dress them up and dress them down easily. And they go with almost everything. Now let's talk about these shoes. *sighs* My absolute favorite pair of shoes. I didn't really get a good close up picture of them but they cuute. I also got these at tjmaxx which is absolutely shocking I am already aware, they just look super sophisticated and stylish and I pin really similar looking shoes on my pinterest so there is hope out there ladies :')

Because everything that I was wearing wasn't enough I had to throw on a baseball cap oxox

I hope I was able to inspire someone today because that's my goal in this blog. I want to share what I love most and try to help someone or make someone smile and if this post/past posts has done that then hey now that's freaking wicked. If you read through or at least looked at the pictures than I love you to death. Thank you because it means a lot to muh lil heart :') 

Okay that's all thanks bye!!!!!

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