Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Sunday look

Good afternoon 

Hello all! This entire outfit is thrifted (minus the shoes) and it's something I would wear to church! Thrifting is the best way to find cheap clothes that are unique and you're not wearing what everyone in your town is wearing! Please go out and try to thrift, be patient and really dig around and you're 100% going to find something awesome! (I got the shoes at Old Navy in the clearance section, which is super rad most of the time by the way)

Honestly I've been trying to cut back on all the pics I post on here because I feel like they're super repetitive, so I apologize if you think thats lame but I am still just trying to find my flow and what I like. My goal going into 2018 is to post more and share my style as much as possible this year to help share inspiration and because I love clothes and want to share what I create with more people somehow. 

Thanks for scrolling through my many pics of myself and I'll see you soon! 

Also thank you little sister sis for taking these pics of me hehe



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