Monday, January 22, 2018

weekend look

 Weekend Look

 Well hello! I'll be posting some pics I wore out this weekend and I'll also updating some info about myself but I'll do that at the end of the post for all those who like to just look at pics instead of read through this boring none-sense, which is okay! Because I also do that when I am obsessing over my fav bloggers, totally guilty of scrolling through to just get to the outfits!

 My little sis, Sis reached out to me early Saturday and wanted to get together to totes hang and I was stoked! Sissy and I have been best friends growing up but this past year we haven't been. We both have serious relationships where our men are our top priorities ya know? But I've honestly missed her and the thing we used to always do together so when she reached out I was so excited to get together. Whenever we do get together, it doesn't matter what we do or where, we always have a good time. We are just dorks and laugh and talk about random shiz all day and that's why I love our relationship. she has also started a new blog of her own, if you want to go check it out!

I love winter because if you're into fashion and layering its your time to shine!

Details about this look:

seriously guys, it's almost always all thrifted. Pants, shoes, jacket under my coat. the coat, which I featured in another post is from Tjmaxx but everything else I picked up WAY cheap at a local thrift store. and my bag from Fossil I also got at Tjmaxx and it's my go-to purse and I totally love it because of the how bold the color is. My favorite part about this look is my shirt and my shoes with these big socks. My shirt was my older brother Kyle's and he loved cars. That was his thing. So I am keeping it forever in memory of him. I love these cute pointy shoes I got for like what $4? Paired with probably my husbands socks. Yeah hashtag wear your husband's clothes guys. I had to make this outfit a little weirder and awesomer so I put these shoes on with these socks. Not for everyone, I know. But hey just try something new and kinda weird and just wear it anyway because you're awesome.

 Thanks for looking through! I sure appreciate it! Let me know if you read this post!

A little get to know me!

My name is Ashlee Williams and I obviously love fashion and clothes. I have tried to be unique with my style as long as I can remember and after I got older and was able to afford buying my own stuff I developed my own style. Fashion is my thing. I love bold, bright colors and different prints and designs. 
I am recently married and living in the middle of St. George, Utah. I am working full-time and saving up for a house, and eventually babies. I love my hubbs a whole lot and and sharing our cute little condo together. We've been married for about 7 months I'm pretty sure and it's been awesome!!! 
I also super love interior design. I like root beer and kitty cats. I love my families. I like practicing yoga and attempting to paint sometimes. I am 20 years old and trying to figure out where I stand in life. I have always struggled with insecurities like every woman and I am in a battle with myself sometimes to stay happy and find true self-love. 
Over all, I am grateful for my struggles, I am grateful for my talents. I am grateful for my God and His grace. I am grateful for my emotions and how I can feel them so deeply and all the time. Literally always crying from happiness, sadness, anger, joy ect. 

Anyone else feel weird writing about themselves? 

Well I do so I'm gonna go now. 



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  1. You are awesome! Love your bold style! I wear my husband's socks all the time, but not as boldly as you do 😂


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