Wednesday, August 15, 2018

how to beat this heat

How to beat this HEAT

Happy weekday y'alls! Summer is coming to an end but does it really feel like it thooo? Here are some tips on how to dress hot while its effing hot and not want to die while doing it ya know?

Tip one: invest in flowy/loose skirts! You can keep your skin tight mini's if you want but that's pretty hot especially hanging out in the middle of the desert to take pics ;) These skirts are the best because they are super girly but so easy to wear and they keep you cool. I freaking love wearing them in the summer.

 Now where do you get them? Go thrifting! (shocker) you'll always find super unique prints/lengths/patterns/sizes! I got this skirt at my local thrift store a couple years ago and it's been one of my favs :') 

Tip two: while we're on that subject I'd recommend adding more than just loose skirts to your summer wardrobe. You can find amazing summer dresses and tank tops and all that jazz! I got my tank top at the thrift store and my sister sissy got her dress at target :)

Tip three: Don't wear a bra! To each their own, I get it, but dang does it help lol. You feel way more cooled off and, well, free. I'll admit I haven't always been comfortable not wearing a bra out in public but one day I decided to try it and its not that different (I mean because I have no boobs so) but I'd recommend at least trying it to see if you feel comfortable, especially in the summer to help you not die in the heat :')

that's all for this post folks hehehaha



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