Thursday, May 30, 2019

How to wear grandma shirts

Afternoon Y'all.

Some of you may think this shirt is hideous, some of you won't. I'm all about it. I enjoy myself a good grandma shirt every once in a while, it fits well in my closet. But I mean hey they can be tough to wear and pull off because well it's like kinda ugly. In a good way of course. So this is how I wear my favorite "ugly" shirt. If you'd like to know please keep on scrolling. (insert smirk emoji) ((I'm on my laptop so I can't lol))

How I made this into a look I really liked is wearing my best skinny jeans and tucking in my shirt. This gives me some shape back into my waist and made it look more flattering I think. I also added some different patterned shoes to add some more yummy flavors to this look as well as my poke dot sunglasses and to keep this look young since I'm wearing such a grandma shirt hehe

Shirt: Thrifted, obvi ;)
Sunglasses are from Target: herehere, and here 
Shoes from Asos: here 
Pants: Same pants from my last couple posts. 
Earrings TJMaxx: here and similar's herehere, and here 

Photos: @rach31.blair 

Pretty sure that's all folks. I hope you enjoyed this look, I know I sure do! 

Cya round! 



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