Thursday, September 3, 2015



HI HELLO HEYYYY. I'm not quite sure how to introduce myself and like get the ball rolling so I guess i'll just share some facts about me. 
My name is Ashlee Melville and I am 18 years old.
I am a lover of family, cats (i'm technically a crazy cat lady to some but I currently don't own any cats. I just think they are so funny and cute and under appreciated), I also love art, books, and delicious food like who doesn't though?? I also LOVE Twenty One Pilots. 
ANYWAYS, I've been wanting to start a blog about style/outfits/fashion for quite some time now and well hey here it is :))) 
If you know me then you know how much I love to dress different and appreciate those who are confident in what they wear. I live in St. George Utah and this town can sometimes tend to have the same style/fads and I'm the type of girl who likes to start my own fads and try and dress differently. So, that being said my outfits can sometimes be a little weird/ risky and not for everyone but I still want to share my style with those who would maybe want some type of inspiration and if not then I'm just happy and excited to be doing something that I love more than anything and have a deep passion about. 
This is also new to me and I'm still trying to get used to it all and work it out. Shout out to my friend Eric for making my Logo and my awesome aunt for helping me set this up. 
  • I know that there is like a lot of writing and words right now but I just want to explain why I named my blog Wear Your Dad's Clothes. I am a true believer in getting discounts on your clothes and getting them for cheap. I shop regularly at thrift and discounts stores. places like the DI (aka my second home) and tjmaxx (lolzzz) because hey if you really look around you can find some really really cool cute things for so cheap and affordable. ALSO I like to work with what i've got and mix and match and pare things together which includes borrowing clothes from almost every member in my family including my 11 year old brother and my dad. sooo ya! 
  • That's like a little bit of me and i'll be blogging some of my outfits and maybe some outfits with my sisters because they also have unique styles hehe :))
Thanks for your time or whatever idk if anyone even read this but hey i'm like super stoked about it anyway!
love, ash, ashhole, ashweed. 

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