Thursday, September 10, 2015



My 13 year old sister isn't that bad with the camera, aye? I had to drag her into taking some pics of sis and I and give her something in return.

  • So I decided that it would be very appropriate to have my little sister, Sissy (Her real name is Melissa/Mel but growing up her nick name was Sissy and that's who she is to me so that's usually what I call her) included in my first fashion post. We are so similar is so many different ways that we could pass as the same person-minus the hair difference. We both wear whatever "we're feeling" and if we have doubts about outfits we help a homie out. She's like my number one supporter and I am hers. She's also my best friend so I thought featuring her would be S'cute :') I'm obsessed with my little sister it's fine, I'm fine.

lol love you sis hehahaha. 

  • Anywaaaaayyysss. So, Sissy is wearing as you can obviously see a button up denim shirt with wow denim pants omg. And I am wearing high waisted denim shorts with a button up denim collar hanging out over my white tank. Something that we are both obsessed with collars. They just give what you're wearing a little extra and you can make your outfit more interesting if you just put a shirt with a collar under what you're wearin. Most of the time, for us, when we think that our outfits and leaning more towards being too simple we will add a collar and some tall socks. as you can see here :') 

  • We also more than likely got most of what we're wearing from the DI no joke and no shame. The shorts I am wearing are from the DI and they used to be pants and I just cut them into shorts. It's something a lot of people do and its like super easy and awesome so frick yes everyone go do that. 

  • Again I don't really know if anyone even saw this post but it doesn't matter to me because I love doing this so bomb diggidy dog. But if you did read this, thank you and I just hope that I could spark some inspiration. 
  • It's been real and it's been fun. I need to learn not to gibber gabber so much but i'm still getting the hang of this.

I'll be posting more if anyone is interested.
thanks homies :')
love, ashhole. 


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