Wednesday, October 21, 2015

fall is life

It's FALL, you already know son.


Whaaat?? Ashlee is finally posting on her blog?? omg I know it's been way too long and I honesty don't have a good enough excuse why I haven't been posting. My little sister Sissy is the person who normally takes my pictures for me because she knows how I like them and we just haven't found much time where we were both able to go out and take pictures haha. 
Yeah well since that's out of the way this blog is obviously going to be able the FALLL!!!! YAASsS! Fall is such a beautiful time of year and living in St. George, well Leeds lol its about flipping time that the weather cools off a little. Now I'm no season snob and hate all the other seasons because I do love warm weather and the how beautiful spring can be as well but like the leaves changing??? come on it's so awesome!!! 

This is on the way up to Cedar Breaks National Monument. Breathtaking, right? My family and I decided to drive up the canyon and take advantage of how beautiful our home can be this time of year. The trees looked like they were on fire. 

now on to the main reason behind my blog, the outfits of course!!!! 

another big reason why I love the new season is its LAYER SEASON. I layer the hell outta all my outfits because it's starting to get colder so you can get away with wearing a cardian and a leather (not real, don't worry i'm cheap remember) jacket with some bad a boots. boom.

hahahahaha okay ignore my cheesy fattish face and awkward stance but this is a better look to what I was wearing. 

Cedar Breaks really is Bryce Canyons baby. 

Another place we decided to drive up to was a place just right behind me casa, Oak Grove.

This is legit how pine trees make me feel like this smile is not fake!! I love pine trees and the smell of them, how they sound when the wind blows through them mmmahhhh. 

So it wasn't too chilly up there but I am a wimp when it comes to being cold so I was like hey any excuse for me to layer it like its my freaking job I'll freaking do it. I also like like hats. baseball caps are my fav and they're like the only hats that I can pull off. 

Yes this really is me even though my finger nails are shorter than my 13 year old sister. 

we thought that the song "trees" by Twenty One Pilots would be an appropriate song to play while we were completely surrounded by amazing leaf changing trees. like I promise that's really what happened we weren't just like like omg lets flip our hair girlfriend yassss. 

"sissy, turn around and hold still." 

a couple million heart eye emojis is all I can say for this picture, am I right???

Sissy wore a turtle neck tank with a green dress over some black leather leggings and a leather jacket over. she's so creative when it comes to outfits and well everything she does. i'm not obsessed with my sister or anything like that? 

I wore a long sleeve bottom up shirt with a sweater over and a denim jacket as you can obviously see above. You can easily add any sweater over a bottom up shirt to make yourself a little more toasty while looking hot *winky face* just wear whatever you like and are confident in and that's really all that matters, righttt?

I have so many pictures that I want to post but I don't want this blog to last 5eva so I'm just gonna end things now. Thanks for those who read through this and for those who just looked through the pictures, don't worry I do that too so no hard feelings lol. I promise that I will work harder and post more often focusing more on outfits and how to style clothes. and if anyone has anything they want to see specifically just let me know :)))))))  

ash hole


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