Friday, October 30, 2015

dresses over pants

Sissy aka The Queen

Let's just jump right into this. This blog is going to be mostly pictures and less words because they're are a lot of pictures that I want to be up so sorry y'all are gonna just have to deal with it. 

This blog is going to be about styling dresses over pants/jeans. Now I know what most of you are probably thinking right now, "oh frick this chick is crazy everybody knows you can't wear skirts over jeans ew" or "what is this Ashley Tisdale in the early 2000's?" okay yeah no wrong wrong wrong, THINK AGAIN HOMIES. It's actually really easy to wear a dress over pants and if you don't believe me then girl just scroll down. 

So if anyone else is like me and has a habit of buying dressing that are too short for me but can't stop buying them because you're addicted or accidentally dry your fav dress in the dyer and now it's too short to just wear without tights then have no fear my friend because that's my entire life story. 
But, I have no be honest here and can't take all of the credit or really any of it because my pal Sissy is the one who pared it together first. That genus little hottie, I know! Ever since she wore a dress over some ripped jeans to school she hasn't stopped and neither have I. 

Since short dresses can just easily pass as a long shirt it's not anything too weird to wear and something that anyone can pull off and is something a lot of fun to wear tbh

This dress was actually a maxi that went to the mid shin and was sort of hard to find outfits with so we decided to just cut it to above the knees so that it'll be more wearable. 

Yeah I know I'm melting too but I have to live with this and try and not cry every time I see her so. It's a hard lyfe. 

Also, if you have a pear of jeans that you are neglecting to love and don't have the same powerful love you first had when you bought them then hello just rip them??? sis and I never wore these pants and so she decided to just cut them up and now we absolutely love them. I'd strongly recommend doing this. so go go go if you're a dude or a chick it works out very nicely. 

Also also I really love my pale skin and I love wearing dark lipstick or any lipstick at all really. 

Sissy was obviously my photographer and this is the result. She kept making me laugh so flippin bad and I kept trying to hide my face because it gets chubby when I laugh lolololol they turned out cute though not gonna lie. 

This was one of the funnest photo shoots we've been on because we discovered a new part of Leeds which is really rare because Leeds is a sneeze and it's gone. 

we had to avoid cars driving by therefore we literally dove and laid flat so they wouldn't see so we felt like we were some rebellious kids when really we just watch cake shows in our free time. 

when we dove to the ground sis wanted to be funny and take ugly selfies of herself while we hid and little did she know that she actually got a really cool one lol when I first saw this pic I thought it was me no joke lolz

alright well this blog has carried on enough I think so thank you all for taking a peek at it and I love all four of you who actually look through this lol 

here's this you're welcome peace out homies until next time. 



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