Thursday, January 11, 2018




Good evening and welcome back! I just wanted to post my outfit of the day! Normally when I post on here it's an outfit I have honestly planned out because I overthink my outfits that I am going to be showing off, which is something I am trying not to care about becasuse uh sorry but my style is dope and I can just post whateves lol. But this time I just really liked my outfit and had time after work before the sun went down to take some pics so I can share with all my fans! 

My coat, dress/shirt, and hat are all thrifted. My jeans are from Ross and my shoes are by Nasty Gal.

I have a black turtle neck on from Tjmaxx forever ago. The lipstick I am wearing if from NYX liquid lingerie. I love this outfit because of the bold colors and crazy print. That's like my thing. I thought paring it with black would be able to balance out the craziness but still looking fly enough ya feel? Also I didn't mention how amazing these shoes are they make me want to cry. My mother in law got them for me for Christmas so shout out to her!!!

Thanks for scrolling through!! Please let me know if you read through or looked through my blog and what you liked/didn't like about it! I would love some feed back and want my blog to only get better! I think one of my next few posts I'll give an life update and if you have any questions just let me know!

lots of love! 




  1. You’re gorgeous and i love you!

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  4. Seriously obsessed with this 😍 and um yeah, your style is way dope!


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